King Solomon's Enochean Israelite Calendar

In 1945, a collection of scrolls were found in the Qumran Caves within the wilderness of ancient Judea. This library of books and documents, called the Dead Sea Scrolls, contained every book in the modern KJV bible except for Esther; the collection also contained The Book of Chanok(Enoch), The Book of YAHShar (Jasher), The Book of Yobel (Jubilees) and much more. 

One of the most important scrolls among this collection is the "Calendrical Document". This scroll contained a calendar that was used by That Congregation which YAHuchanan (John) the Baptist took into the wilderness of YAHhud (Judea) and prepared for YAHusha Ha'Mashiach to assume leadership over.  That Congregation, the original followers of YAHusha, were known as the Nazarenes, Ebionites (The Poor Ones) and the Essenes, and were also known to practice daily baptism.  Pending annihilation, the Nazarenes hid the scrolls within the Qumran Caves as Roman forces were surrounding Judea around 70 AD.  Many died by the sword, many were scattered to the winds, but the Dead Sea Scrolls remained hidden for our generations to eventually inherit. 

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