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Evolving Hebrew Israelite Clothing for the development and reawakening of Yah'acov (Jacob).

Our goal is to provide apparel that caters to the needs of the Children of Israel as we awaken out of our long slumber.  Here we attempt to make the connection between the Hebrew Israelites who are scattered across the earth and the culture of the Hebrew (properly pronounced Eweh, Eveh or Erverh) people of the Slave Coast of Africa, from whom we were taken.

We also aim to reconcile the Eveh culture with some of the laws and ordinances which were lost along the way, such as the calendrical system given by our great ancestor Enoch and developed under King Solomon's Temple; or the use of fringes and boarders of blue in our garments.  Feel free to explore this site and our store for both loud and discrete Hebrew Israelite Apparel as well as music, information and other tools to help us get to where we need to be, that is, Zion.

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